Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Diego's Back

Yes, he's my big brother and I kinda have to like his music. But family bias aside, I'm pretty much obsessed with Diego Garcia's current solo work. Tuesday, The Standard Hotel hosted his debut solo performance for an invite-only crowd of more than 100 guests. In between the wood-paneled walls of the hotel's sleek private Highline Room, overlooking a twinkling view of the Hudson River, Diego introduced four new band mates and handful of songs he wrote since Elefant stopped recording. His new music offers something very different from Elefant's effervescent indie pop tunes. In fact, it offers something very different, period.

The music (mainly about the malady of love and certain red-head who may or may not have gotten away) offers a combination of unexpected sounds. A song can start with bongos and a psychedelic bass line and end with a sultry Spanish guitar solo or (my favorite) the always-tragic cry of a cello. The musicians behind him are the real deal. Watching them during the performance, they each seemed to offer an engaging mini-show within the show.

Remnants of Elefant are undoubtedly there- a fearless romanticism and, of course, Diego's showmanship. He wore a deep v-neck sailor shirt that I'll likely make fun of him for, but it worked. The songs are personal and you can sense it. And with lyrics like "Why won't my love set me free?" and "I blame it all on the separate lives that we lead," you can't help but wonder what went down during the last few years D has been out of the lime light. I know, but I'll never tell.

Stay tuned for a link to their new music!

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  1. Just wanted to compliment you on a really great, concise review of the show! That whole writing thing? You still got it! =)