Monday, March 8, 2010

Crepe Cake

I apologize for letting food dominate my last few posts as I prefer to leave most adventures in New York City food blogging to La Buona Forchetta ( But, lucky for me, the last several days have been stuffed with unforgettable, blog-worthy first bites.

It hasn't been 24 hours since I polished off a slice of the cake below (in a shot from my camera phone and one from the web), and I'm already aching to shout its praises into cyber space.

I was introduced to it at my sister-in-law's baby shower Sunday afternoon. Among the spread of tea sandwiches, dip and bite size snacks, this glistening confection instantly piqued my interest. I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but with a golden creme brulee top and what seemed like 40 perfectly moist layers underneath, I knew I couldn't leave without a generous slice. I'm not exactly the kind of gal who turns down cake.

This particular party-stopper came from Lady M Cake Boutique on East 78th St. in uptown Manhattan, a bakery that specializes in French pastries and other fresh sweets that are undoubtedly worth quadruple-digit calorie counts. It's basically a tall stack of paper thin Mille crepes layered with light, almost-frothy vanilla custard. The top of the cake is caramelized offering each fluffy bite a tinge of super sweet. I opted to peel back each layer with the corner of my fork, separating the custard from the sheets with my tongue- savouring my bites a little slower each time. I had really never tasted anything like it. Texture was on. Taste was on.

Now I just need another grand occasion or cause for celebration to justify a trip to M Cake Boutique for round two. Does finally making it to spin class after work count?



  1. I saw the picture and wasn't too excited about it, then I read how you explained it and feel like a the bitch for charlie and the chocolate factory. I want it now!

  2. Occassion? Who needs an occassion?! That cake IS the occasion. I want one right meow.