Friday, March 5, 2010

Nothing shaved truffle can't cure...

It's just one of those days.

The kind of day that starts off with an grunt...when getting out of bed after the alarm can be done in no less than four slow steps: 1. Curl body into ball and cover with blanket 2. Drag into "child's pose." 3. Sit up in bed with eyes still shut. 4. Slowly step out of bed.

I carried my case of the Mondays (on a Friday) into the subway and down the few blocks to my office, through the remainder of the morning and start of the afternoon. Life slapped me around a little this week and I just wasn't feeling today.

At lunchtime, I shuffled up to the kitchen at The Restaurant and flashed the same frown I had probably been wearing all day. Lucky for me, our generous and fabulous chef noticed.

If a three-course lunch personally planned and prepared by a our chef couldn't pull me out of my funk, nothing would. It started with slices of the freshest sashimi I've ever tasted. Then, a Cara Cara orange ceviche featuring Day Boat scallops, Sweet Rock shrimp, lobster and cucumbers. To finish, a creamy black truffle risotto under a perfectly seared Day Boat Scallop, topped with more shaved truffle. Sabria and I shared each delectable dish, washing away this morning's frown with a belly-full of love from my favorite chef.

This job can be so good.

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  1. so who should I send my resume to? ;)