Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The One Instance When Blondies Are Better Than Brunettes...

I'll spare you the all gritty details, but let's just say a friend of a friend's sister (me) recently experienced a pretty heartbreaking split from a longtime love. And that friend of a friend's sister (still me) happens to find Sunday the toughest day of the week.

Sundays are for couples- for sleeping in, for making egg toast at home, for snuggling while you re-watch half a dozen episodes of "Arrested Development". So, last Saturday, on the eve of that dreaded end of the weekend, that friend of a friend's sister gave herself a very strategic don't-be-sad day plan.

Nothing keeps heartache at bay like a project. So I (err, that friend of a friend's sister) planned to spend the afternoon baking, a brave undertaking for an amateur with zero culinary instinct. I may be the daughter of a woman who shimmies through the kitchen like a choreographed dancer, never measuring, never doubting herself, adding a pinch here and there without a recipe in sight, but I (and yes me, not that friend's sister) can't flip an omelet without calling mom twice for instructions.

I decided to take on Blondies, because really, how tough can this glorious love child of the cookie and brownie really be?

I certainly don't have my mom's finesse in the kitchen, but I do have something even she doesn't have- access to my fabulous foodie roommate's over-stuffed recipe collection. Her proud cookbook shelves deserve the two thirds of our kitchen they take over.

Of course, she had a Blondie recipe I could borrow. It called for coconut flakes, chopped walnuts and about double the amount of butter than another online recipe. Sold. I added mini-chocolate chips for good measure.

I followed her family recipe meticulously and ended up with a pretty satisfying pan-full. Even better, it helped clear my head of some not so yummy thoughts.

Next Sunday...Banana Bread?


  1. I have a recipe for that, too! xoxo, Your Blondie Roomie

  2. Yummmmm. You know what's awesome in banana bread? Chocolate chips! True story.

    If you ever need someone to share the heartbreak and baked goods with, I'm your girl.

  3. Just save your pedi's for Sundays!! Make Sunday a papmer-relaxation day with the blondies ;)