Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sweet gushy goey goodness

I'm a big fan of Bob from the purchasing department.

Bob is responsible for ordering every morsel of food used at the landmark restaurant where I work. He mans our giant pantry and fridge, a veritable foodie dream world (larger then my current apartment) filled with the best ingredients from all over the world- fresh truffle, towers of caviar, $40 jars of honey, every spice you can dream up and the freshest fruit flown in weekly.

I fancy Bob because he uses his pantry power for good and drops edible surprises on my desk when I seem to need them most. During the fall, it's perfectly crisp apples. During the winter and spring, gushing cara cara oranges. In the summer- drum roll please- peaches so good they'll restore your faith in man.

I was on the phone this morning when Bob rolled a rosy little peach onto my desk. I interrupted the call to yelp. Nothing's better than a summer peach from Bob.

Later my Tuesday got even tastier. My boss treated my coworker and me to Chinese lychee. I'm familiar with the fruit but I had never peeled into a fresh one. The gooey flesh under it's bumpy skin burst like a plum when I bit into it. More refreshing than sweet, it's the kind of thing I can eat 20 of before noticing (like edamame and Twizzlers.)

Later, I took an extra lap past the pastry side of our kitchen to sneak a mini chocolate ball filled with pistachio mousse. Three indulgent reasons a gal like me probably shouldn't work at a restaurant.


  1. So remind me again who I should send my resume to? ;)

  2. I think it' time for a manicure! hahah! J/K, I've had one of those before, they are DELICIOUS! time for a post on Arggeeeeeeenttiiinnnaaaaa