Friday, June 18, 2010

Ole Ole Ole Ole

It was hardly 7:15am Thursday. I pried one eye open after my cell phone buzzed so many times it nearly scooted off my night table. Missed texts and emails from dad, brother and mom. It took about 5 seconds for my sleepy brain to process.

"Oh my God, the game!" I flopped out of my lofted bed, ran into the living room and scrambled for the remote control. Argentina vs. South Korea, 7:30AM ET.

The photo texts buzzed through all morning.

7:16am: Picture of Mom in an Argentina jersey and white and blue alpargatas standing next to a life size cut out of Diego Maradona (team coach and hands down best soccer play to ever live).

7:22am: Image of my brother in an Argentina jersey cradling my month-old niece wearing an Argentina onesi.
7:55am: Pic of Dad sporting an Argentina jersey and blue and white striped afro
9:11am: Photo of Mom and Dad cheering
And later after we win (4-1!!)...
12:46pm: Shot of Abuela & Abuelo huddled around the television cheering.

The World Cup is a very big deal among us Garcias (as it is for every other member of this planet other than silly Americans). I'll never forget an early morning during the 2002 South Korea/Japan World Cup when my dad woke me up at 4:30am to sit wrapped in the Argentina flag while the team ran out onto the field, out of respect--then I could go back to bed.

Can you blame him? We're the best team in the world.

Vamos, vamos Argentina! Vamos, vamos a ganar!


  1. OMG where did they get that Maradona cut out? That is hilarious!!! GO Argentina!

  2. Have I told you that your blog makes me happy :) Always a bright spot in the day.