Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting my rooftop on...

A few weeks shy of the official start of summer and I'm beginning to remember just how bitter sweet the season can be in the city. The heat here is relentless. Warm air coats the boiling streets. It's sticky hot outside, worse commuting underground and even when you finally reach the indoors, without central air chugging away you're always at least 10 minutes away from relief.

Yes, it'll get pretty gross during the next couple months, but this crazy city can't help but find perfectly unique ways to redeem itself. Restaurants open sidewalk seating, patios, rooftops and beer gardens. (The pic above was snapped Monday night from the rooftop at the Gansevoort Hotel overlooking the Hudson River.) Parks host outdoor movie screenings and concerts. People picnic, toss Frisbees, rent bikes, throw parties and incorporate chilled alcoholic beverages into it all-- anything to keep us out of our sizzling shoebox apartments.

I get to know the city best during the summer. So even if I wake up sweaty most mornings and even if I curse every boiling block of cement I walk to work, I'm looking forward to an extra hot one.

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  1. I checked in today and there was not one, not two, but THREE posts. Sigh, today was a good day.

    On another note, I think we should get our rooftop/outdoor alcohol consuming on. I kinda want pretzels and beer from Lorelei. We should make that happen sometime in the near future...