Monday, April 26, 2010

Cup of Joe

New Yorkers take food seriously.

We have the best pizza, best bagels, best cheesecake, best cupcakes, best everything. Challenge these claims and we'll get violent (or maybe just give you wrong directions to the Empire State Building. Suckas!)

Honestly, the adjective "best" is probably thrown around too generously in this city, but it is to safe to say that a lot of what's cooked up here is unique and delicious.

This past weekend, a friend told about the city's "best" coffee. So, on a damp, brisk Sunday afternoon we weaved through the West Village under an umbrella until we arrived at Joe The Art of Coffee on Waverly Place. Joe's is specifically famous for lattes so we ordered accordingly: 1 small soy latte for me (because I like the nuttiness) and 1 large regular latte for him. To stay.

We took two seats by the window. A man next to me was editing what looked like a screenplay. A folky indie band I'm not hip enough to hear about for at least another couple months was playing quietly in the background. Our drinks came quick in wide round mugs. The tops were decorated with a delicate frothy layer of artwork that explains the shop's slightly pretentious name.

But it wasn't all looks. The mug-full delivered. It was warm, rich and creamy to the last velvety sip.

It was good, really good. An easy New York best, and that's a fact. Well, my fact.


  1. Mmmm I could go for one of those bad boys right meow.

  2. Another Joe's in Manhattan serves up some pretty tasty Chinese soup dumplings. It's called Joe's Shanghai or Shanghai Joe's. I've been to two of their locations. Tasty, tasty stuff that I can't find down here in D.C.