Wednesday, April 20, 2011

oopsy daisy

It was around noon Tuesday when a dozen pink roses arrived at my desk at work. My stomach fluttered with nerves as the delivery man handed me the giant bunch in front of my coworkers. Excited and embarrassed, I never know how to react when a gift is presented to me in public. I get a little awkward.

A tiny card was taped to the arrangement. My heart thumped as I read it out loud to my curious coworkers.

"Vanessa, Happy Birthday. Love, John"

I'm seeing a guy named Jon- not John. I noticed the discrepancy but quickly assumed it was simply misspelled. He must have called in the order and the florist got it wrong.

I really wasn't expecting flowers. It was flattering and too much. I called Jon immediately.

"Hey there," he answered.

"Oh my God Jon! You're adorable. The flowers are gorgeous. You really shouldn't have. I can't believe,"

"Vanessa," He cut me off mid-gush.

"I didn't send you flowers at work."

Nervous pause.

"Ha, stop it. They're so amazing," I continued, awkwardly, my stomach dropping.

"What does the card say?" He sounded serious.

"It says Love, John"

"How is it spelled?"

"John but I figured the florist misspelled it and I umm, wait, are you messing with me?"

"I'm sorry gal, it's not me."

I rushed off the phone, yanked the tiny card back off my desk and re-read it.

"Vanessa, Happy Birthday. Love, Julian." It was clear as day.

Julian is my bosses name. He was out of town and sent me flowers for my birthday. He would.

Jeez. Louis. In my awkward haste, my crazy brain changed the name (that was, in my defense, very sloppy!). Still, I'm an idiot.

I texted Jon an apology and explained who the flowers came from. Always a good sport, he laughed it off...and surprised me with gorgeous yellow tulips later that evening.

Silver lining to my ridiculous mistake: finally, something to blog about.


  1. The mind works in funny ways.

  2. Lillies are for when people die. haha. he asked mom what your favorite flowers are and mom asked me. What are your favorite flowers for future reference? :)