Saturday, March 12, 2011

Abuela Zuckerberg

My mother and grandmother are on Facebook.

My grandmother's not only on the book- Abuela Zuckerberg is wildly active. She comments on every status update, every uploaded photo, every wall post. Everything. These comments are never fewer than three sentences long and unfortunately for any friends who innocently "liked" or commented before her there is always a follow up, or four.

I joke but it really doesn't bother me. She lives in Argentina and if it wasn't for this knack for technology (Facebook, Gchat, Skype) we wouldn't be able to communicate weekly like we do.

Mom uses Facebook less often. She's had the same profile picture since she joined- on a boat, in a leopard print blouse, tipping a ship captain's hat. She'll occasionally thumbs up a Republican fan page or write on a younger cousin's wall in all CAPS because she can't figure out how not to. Mostly, she uses it for stalking. She recently called specifically to let me know that my boyfriend- who she's never met before- needs a haircut. And, a few weeks ago, her status for at least three days was simply "Trici Garcia", my older sister's name. Unlucky for Mom, the status update field on Facebook happens to be a confusing couple inches below the search field, so her attempt to snoop my sis was accidentally blasted onto our feeds.
Mom's Facebook activity is far less endearing than my abuela's, but I can at least count on it for entertainment. And isn't that what Facebook's all about? A little stalking, a little judging and pure unproductive fun.


  1. Tienes razón: nunca me conformo con un solo comentario, siempre me parece que debo agregar algo más para que me entiendan o explicar nuevamente mi idea, es mi ¿mala? costumbre de escribir.Espero que no y que te siga divirtiendo.
    Creo que todos mis nietos saben que siempre pueden encontrarme, a pesar de la distancia y que para ellos tengo todo el tiempo del mundo para escucharlos y ayudarlos, si fuera necesario, a pesar de la distancia.
    Siempre repito: Gracias Internet!!! en cualquiera de sus versiones, por permitirme estar cerca de los que tanto quiero.


    this is hilarious

  3. Thank God my mom aka Wilma Flinstone, has yet to discover Facebook. Her emails where I feel like I'm being yelled at with the ALL CAPS WRITING really are enough.