Thursday, September 2, 2010

Manly Men

After four days and five nights in Portland, Oregon I came to one very sure conclusion: I dig West Coast guys.

To unfairly stereotype, they're nothing like the big city boys I've gotten used to- with their Molton Brown lemongrass shave wax and professionally manicured nails.

Out West they're all hunky, tall, broad-shouldered, mountain-sun-kissed manly men with carabiners clipped to their keys and hobbies like whitewater rafting or, I don't know, lifting heavy things. Exhibit A: Chris Sharma, big deal rock climber and dreamboat

Back in New York this week I shared my observation with a group of coworkers. The men got instantly defensive and asked me to list one thing an Oregon boy can do that they cant.

Change a tire?

Both sheepishly admitted to never having done it."BMW assistance is a button away and I probably wouldn't do it right." Point proved.

Full disclosure: As much as I swear up and down that my type is rugged and outdoorsy with a pinch of hippie, the last handful of guys I've dated have been buttoned up bankers/lawyers. So the suit does it for me too. If he hikes on the weekends and is big and strong enough to pick me up and throw me, even better.


  1. Throw you? Orange to Apple is gettin' a little racy :)

  2. lol. that's what Vanessa Martinez said. But I didn't mean it that way (or maybe I subconsciencly did.) jeez, racy is right.

  3. haha yup, definitely what I thought. I read that last part and thought, woa there cowgirl, that sounds dangerous...and freaky! haha

    Nice post, btw. Boo for bankers.